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The Great Hall

Located on the second floor of the Main Barn is the Great Hall. Adorned with 12 chandeliers, 34ft ceilings, and its original floors, the hall is truly breathtaking. 

The Mezzanine

On the end of the Great Hall is the Mezzanine and Groom's Suite. Originally the Mezzanine stored extra hay, today it serves as a lounge space, extra seating for your guests, and Ceremony backdrop. 

Facts and History

This Great Hall serves as a reception, ceremony, and main events space. With a seated capacity of 300 guests, the 6,200 sq/ft hall scale is one of a kind. Ceremonies are set up against the window, or the Mezzanine depending on the wedding party's vision. Additionally all the dining tables and chairs for this space are provided in-house.  

Original pine floors and ceiling decorate the hall, along with a dozen chandeliers from the 2017 renovation. From a hay-loft to a luxury event space, this hall has seen it all. 

Climate controlled, wifi accessible, and DJ friendly, guests can stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and entertained all year round. 

The Great Hall Gallery

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