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The Grounds

The Historic Wakefield barn covers over 14 acres of land in North Raleigh. Our pastures, patio, lawns, and Elm offer many spaces outside of the Main Barn for your guests to enjoy.

The Elm

Located in front of the Main Barn stands our Elm. As the tree of the estate, our Elm makes for a stunning photo, and for a breathtaking backdrop for your guests to see as they enter the venue. Also it makes for a great first look! 

Planted in the early 1960's the Elm stands at over 40 ft tall, and 60 ft wide. See below for more images of our Grounds throughout the year - and why our outdoor spaces are so popular. 

Space and Serenity  

The rollings hills of the estate act as an active Horse Farm, and a Luxury space for you event. On site the venue feels like a hidden gem from the city where you can relax, celebrate, and embrace the surrounding nature.

The Patio

Next to the Main Barn is our Patio. With just under 3,500 sq/ft, the Patio can accommodate all of your guests. This space has been used for many things throughout the years. An outdoor ceremony space, a cocktail hour gathering spot, or simply as a fire place during the cooler months. 


Originally this space was a riding area for the horses, but during the 2017 renovation this add-on transformed it into a Patio / Lounge. Guests often take breaks from the party for some fresh air. Outdoor furniture and cocktail tables are included in the rental.  

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